Public School System (State Run Schools)

Clearly, children spend more time in school than at home, certainly in terms of proactive learning. In other words, the public school system has more time educating, guiding, and instilling moral and ethical principles in your children than you do. This is why you have to care what is taught in the public school system. What is taught in the public school system can lead your children away from God and the Bible. In other words, the public school system can direct your children in a path to becoming an unbeliever, who rejects Jesus Christ as the Messiah and live a life, filled with hatred with the Bible and moral principles of the Bible, such as condemnation of homosexuality.

Unfortunately, at the present time, Christ and the Holy Bible have been taken out of the public school system of the United States of America on the charge of "separation of church and state". When an idea leads a nation's children down the path of destruction and eternal damnation, that idea or system should be replaced with one that leads to salvation and eternal life.

The greatest gift that you can give to your children and grandchildren and to America's future is to put Christ and the Bible back into the public school system.

Here are some ways that you can do this:

(1) Run for the Board of Education in your town, city, county, or state. As an elected official, you can have the greatest influence in the direction of the public school system in your area

(2) Vote in only born-again Bible-believing Christians to elected positions, especially positions of judges and District Attorney (DA). The US Supreme Court forcing all 50 states to comply with Gay Marriage laws showed Americans the power of the court system. Judges and other important individuals in the judiciary system at state and at federal (national) levels are appointed or confirmed by politicians (US President, state governors, etc.). It is important that you personally vote for a born-again, Bible-believing Christians who publicly promise to put Christ and the Bible back into the public school system. Obviously, voting in politicians who are not born-again Christians will mean that the candidate will most likely reject the Bible, personally and for any of America's spheres. Your vote matters!

(3) Use the social media to aggressively attack individuals and organizations that are committed to secularizing the public school system and/or keeping Jesus Christ and the Bible out of the public school system. Best defense is offense, and Christians need to be far more brave in calling those who seek to pull your children and grandchildren away from the Bible and Jesus Christ.

(4) Use lawyers to sue organizations dedicated to keeping public schools free of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Find legally justifiable angles to keep these organizations busy with lawsuits, so that they will be less effective in keeping the public school system free of Christ and the Bible. Financially hurt these secular of NGO organizations by finding ways to financially punish them through active boycott and sanctions that cost the organizations a lot of money. Put them out of business for the sake of your children and your grandchildren.

(5) Apply social pressure at the grassroots levels, by filing petitions against organizations that are dedicated to keeping the public school system free of Christ and the Bible. Write up criticism on their websites and in social media and feel free to exaggerate the criticisms so that these organizations will be crippled in social media outlets and will not have legs to stand on in any public or social space.

America's children are leaving the Christian church and are being brainwashed into thinking negative things about the Bible, Christianity, and Christian morality. It is your duty as parents or grandparents to help them by making the public school system more receptive to Christianity and the Bible. Bible is good for everyone, so the Bible should be taught at the public school system for all students.