Central Topics for Today's America and the World

Of course, every aspect of human life must be examined by the Bible, which is the Word of God. The greatest gift that the Christian Reformation gave to the world is the emphasis that the Bible is the final authority for humanity and not human words of human authority. At the time of Martin Luther, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church could say things against the Bible and the churches had to follow what the Pope said, even though it went against the Holy Bible. What made the matter worse is that the Bible was only in Latin (or Greek or Hebrew), so ordinary citizens in Germany or other countries could not read it. Martin Luther made sure that the Bible was translated into German so that all ordinary German citizens could read the Bible for themselves and check if what the human leaders said was in agreement with the Bible, which is the Word of God and the final authority on all matters.

For today's America, the two most important problem topics are:

(1) Homosexuality

(2) Taking Jesus Christ and the Bible out of the Public School system 

These are the problem topics that have the greatest impact on every day lives of all United States citizens and especially on Christian families and Christian individuals. Unfortunately, many Christian churches are failing to address these issues head on with the Bible, which is the Word of God. Christian churches must not only provide Biblical teaching on these two problem areas, but Christian churches must also be the salt and the light of the world in these matters by proactively engaging the world, the society, political institutions, politicians, communal leaders, educational centers, and individual citizens and residents of the country.