The Need for Jesus the Radical Ministries

Jesus the Radical Ministries is needed for the world, today.  Why?  Just look around you!

When you look at all that is around you, do you feel a sense of peace and relief that all is okay? Or do you get the sick sense in your stomach or a uneasy feeling that something is very, very wrong in the world, today?

The reason why things are "very off" is that even churches have gone away from the roots of the Bible. Many churches do not teach the Bible in an honest and truthful manner, because some fear that "it will turn people off". They reason that, in order to bring people to the Gospel, it is necessary to "tone down" the Gospel or "temporarily hide" portions of the Gospel that might offend some people.

This may sound like a good reason, but there is a major problem.  Jesus Christ never "toned down" the Gospel to "attract" people to the Gospel. In fact, Jesus Christ was honest and direct about sharing the Gospel, even the portions that "might offend" people and "turn people off". This was the case with St. Paul and other early Christians in the New Testament. Early Christians never toned down the Gospel to attack people to the Gospel. This raises the question, of course, about the methodology supposedly employed in some churches, even in evangelical Christian circles. In other words, this method is not the method that the Early Christians used in the New Testament or in the early history of Christianity. This obviously casts doubt on the legitimacy of the current "world-friendly" methodology of sharing the Gospel. 

Things are very wrong, right now. In the public school system, Jesus Christ and the Bible have been taken out, even though Christian taxes pay for the public school system. Public school system in the United States have become a type of secular brainwashing program that affects the children of even the strongest Christians. For example, even the Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin who is running for the Republican ticket for the Office of the President of America have both sons supporting Gay Marriage.  See the CNN article "Walker's Sons Not Trying to Change His Mind" on this link:  

Literally millions of America's Christian children are being home-schooled because the Christian parents do not want their Christian children to be "brain-washed" in the public school system.

Many churches have given up and play isolation and feign ignorance and remain silent on the issue, thereby relinquishing their spiritual leadership role to lead America and America's institutions in the direction that would please God. Thus, many of America's young adults, having gone through the public school system that excludes the Bible and Christianity, have left the church. Many churches are filled with elderly people and devoid of young people. This is an example of the failure of America's churches to be the salt and the light of the world.

There are other things that seem very wrong to many people. It seems like the number of Islamic terrorist groups is growing, every year. Not only that their power and influence is growing exponentially. They are actually expanding their territory. The whole country of Yemen is now basically in the hands of Al Qaeda and large areas of Iraq, Syria, and Libya are in the hands of ISIS. And Africa is plagued with the spread of various Islamic terrorist groups with sundry names. 

Many Americans are asking: Would the world become worse and worse if America's churches were really salt and light of the world and shared the Gospel in all its power in America and around the world?

Many people are coming to the realization that spiritual solutions cannot be ignored.

In these times of social unrest with lack of personal and societal peace, many people are searching for something. The answers are found in the real Jesus of the Bible and history: Jesus the Radical. The Bible can provide answers that the world cannot provide and show the way for people to find personal peace, security, and divine blessing.