The New Testament

The New Testament describes the ministry and life of Jesus Christ on earth. We see the teachings of Jesus Christ and also learn how Jesus Christ dealt with people of other religions and various social classes. The New Testament not only contains teachings about salvation through Jesus Christ, the New Testament provides instructions regarding how churches of Jesus Christ and Christian organizations are to function in society. The New Testament also contains the history of the early Christian churches and God's instructions for churches. These divine instructions cannot be dismissed lightly, as they are applicable to the churches around the world, even today. In other words, churches of Jesus Christ are not free to do whatever they want via human decision. True churches of Jesus Christ must abide in Christ and follow the instructions of Jesus Christ in matters of Christian doctrine, social relations, societal laws and regulations, dealing with other religions, methods and crux of evangelism and missions, and the relationship between the church and the state. The Bible is the final authority on these matters, and not a human document or human thoughts and feelings.

Jesus the Radical has a lot to teach the churches of the United States of America and the rest of the world. Obviously, we have to go to the Bible to see who God (Jesus Christ) is and what God requires of human beings.