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We are a Christian ministry dedicated to helping people understand the real Jesus of the Bible and history.

There are unfortunately too many misconceptions of Jesus Christ in the popular imagination and in media. Every time that there is a TV series or a movie remake of a Bible story, there are a lot of people who take to social media or coffee houses to discuss how the production was not faithful to the Bible. There is a reason for this. Most likely there were a lot of liberties taken with the Bible account of stories for theatrical or cinematographic effects. This is particularly the case when the stories involve Jesus Christ.

Often, the real Jesus is elusive for many people because many simply accept the popular prejudices about Jesus Christ and do not question the assumptions and the motivation surrounding these prejudices. Some motives are good. Some motives are not good. But the upshot of turning a blind eye to the real Jesus can be devastating. 

Personal salvation (being "born again") is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the Savior and LORD God (or "Yahweh"). Because the personal relationship is a necessary component of the redemptive process of justification that misconceptions about Jesus Christ and misunderstanding of who Jesus really is can be detrimental to the extent that the "believer" in Jesus Christ is not truly saved.  

For instance, a person who believes that Jesus Christ is purely (100%) and soley human is not born again, even though she "believes" in Jesus Christ with all her heart.

Thus, knowing the real Jesus can have eternal consequences.

Wouldn't it be horrible if you went to church all your life and ended up in eternal damnation in Hell because you did not believe in the real Jesus, but in a fictional Jesus? 

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